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Longevity Lab NYC


Longevity Lab presents a formula for living one’s best life ever with a focus on aging with strength and grace. Knowing that no single approach is right for every individual, Longevity Lab emphasizes customized programs and a curriculum of sustainable fitness regimes that can extend your healthy life span and total body-mind health. 


Often times people shy away from working on themselves after a certain age or after life moments - or worse - they jump into a fad that strengthens one muscle group while setting the rest of the body up for potential injury. Longevity Lab looks at those moments as springboards to long-term holistic health and happiness. 


The brainchild of trainer and life coach Aleksandra (Ola) Stacha-Fleming, Longevity Lab has a dedicated client roster of accomplished professionals with an evolving curriculum of self-care that allows her clients to be the strongest versions of themselves inside and out.


About Ola


Aleksandra (Ola) Stacha-Fleming the founder of Longevity Lab NYC combines her life experience and years of helping clients of all ages to foster an evolving curriculum of self-love that allows her clients to be the strongest versions of themselves inside and out. "When you are strong you can be a powerful force in the world, in your business life and be an even better support for your friends, neighbors and family."   

She holds her bachelor’s degree in public health and is a certified personal trainer, NCSF Pre and Post natal, FMS, with particular certification in working with populations 55 years of age an older from the Functional Aging Institute and women peri and post menopause. Ola is a Sports and Exercise Nutritionist with PN L1 certification and focuses on preventative training to protect people from injuries and rehabilitate post injuries. 



She has an easy going manner and her confidence in & dedication to my personal success is what keeps me coming back. I highly recommend her.
— Ellen Erwitt
Ola has been my trainer for 6 years, but she really has been much more. I consider her to be a friend, confidant, and inspiration. Whatever Ola wants, Ola gets; and I mean that in the best of ways.

— Jacqueline Aranoff
Ola began as my personal trainer, turned into my personal therapist and is now an invaluable part of my extended family - a trusted friend who changes the lives of everyone she trains.
— #1 Best selling New York Times Author Rick Smolan

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